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Kailash's new album, Longing, will be released on 21 July, 2014.
These tasteful melodies and spare arrangements entice the listener with a beautiful simplicity that delights qhile encouraging steadfast devotional chanting practice.

The striking illustrations featured in Kailash's book, Following Sound into Silence: Chanting Your Way Beyond Ego into Bliss, are now available for purchase as high quality reproductions, and emblazoned upon a variety of products. Please click the link to view and order the prints, and to see more products displaying this imagery:

At the International New Age Trade Show (INATS), New Age Retailer Magazine selected Kailash’s Following Sound into Silence for “Best of Show” honors!

Following Sound into Silence: Chanting Your Way Beyond Ego into Bliss

In this unique book/CD set, Kailash (Kurt A. Bruder, Ph.D., M.Ed.) urges readers to take up chanting as an authentic and effective spiritual practice. Although chanting is an ancient spiritual tool, it is well suited to our contemporary lifestyles. No generation before us has had to contend with the onslaught of voices clamoring for our attention, the chaos of distractions vying for our imaginations and allegiance, or the flood of information that is our daily lot.  Kailash shows how chanting, both alone and with others, can quiet and stabilize our minds, expand our hearts, elevate our emotions, and reduce our self-centeredness...yielding direct, sustained experience of the Divine.

Accompanied by a companion CD featuring Kailash's extraordinary chanting, Following Sound into Silence demonstrates the potency of this practice in a presentation as profoundly moving as it is eminently practical. You'll understand why people across centuries and around the world have employed chanting as their principal resource for cultivating well being, personal transformation, and spiritual evolution.

Testimonials for Following Sound into Silence:
Chanting Your Way Beyond Ego into Bliss

"In Following Sound into Silence, Kailash will take you on a clear ride into the nature of the sound vibration. His devotion to his Guru is very strong, and he has received the blessings of Guru Yoga."
~Baba Bhagavan Das (pioneer of devotional chanting in the West)

"The Kirtan movement in the West is filled with wonders and miracles. What a joy it is to see thousands of people gathering to sing God's names. But everywhere I go I beg our budding Bhaktas to start singing on their own in their homes, with their loved ones, friends and families, and to find a personal, private practice of devotion. Kailash's Following Sound into Silence is a great aid to people making this first tiny, but gigantic step. He has done a beautiful service to us all."
~Jai Uttal (noted kirtan leader and Grammy-nominated mantra musician)

"As a kirtan singer, I am always searching for that one-stop resource to recommend to others. In Following Sound into Silence by Kailash, I have found it. Following Sound into Silence is a beautifully designed and carefully written guide to Kirtan, Sound Yoga, and Mantra Practice. It is a thoughtful and extensive book which displays Kailash's deep commitment to the tradition of Nada Yoga and of his desire to share the fruits of his practice and discoveries with others. In addition, the package includes a CD of Kailash's chanting which brings the practice to life and offers a firsthand taste of the vibrational and healing essence of the mantras."
~David Newman/Durga Das (noted kirtan leader)

“In these challenging times we need to find ways to tap into the Divine–anytime, anywhere. Chanting can give us exactly that. Following Sound Into Silence is a great nudge to wake up, to take up our practice, and realise that freedom lies within us all. Thank you, Kailash for your part in spreading the word!”
~Deva Premal (renowned mantra musician)

"In Following Sound into Silence, Kailash Baba delivers us straight into the heart of the Language of the Gods, mellifluous Sanskrit, with these beautiful and meaningful heart-chants and prayers. The sacred science of devotional chant and mantra-yoga is a unique healing and wholifying practice for the body, soul, heart, mind and spirit, pleasing to all the higher powers I know of. This practice can elevate any of us into that radiant sublime sphere beyond any of us yet, mysterious, immanent in each and every one of us. I myself like to chant along with Kailash as I drive and walk around America the Buddhafull. This offering from our music master Kailash is a gift for all of us. Thank you, Guru Shiva!"
~Lama Surya Das (bestselling author of Awakening the Buddha Within)

"In Following Sound into Silence, Kailash has accomplished no mean feat: he has created a readable introduction to the complex phenomenon of sacred chant. Engaging his penchant for Sanskrit mantras, comparative religion, psychology, and the mysteries of the heart, he brings to readers a colorful, accessible book that may be the standard work on this subject for years, if not centuries. The design and illustrative content should not be overlooked, either, since this allows the book's teaching to come out in a graphic way. Easy to read and user-friendly, this indispensable, appealing book will be appreciated by both scholar and novice, Indophile and student of philosophy. Most of all, it will appeal to the sincere spiritual seeker, for it is a book that speaks primarily to the heart (by way of the ear). Kailash's comparative approach is particularly illuminating, implicitly showing the universal and nonsectarian dimensions of spiritual sound vibration. Buddhist ideas, not usually explored in such books on sacred sound, are particularly welcome, since it underlines just how pervasive chanting is in the Eastern traditions. The attached CD is a blessing as well--perhaps the best part of the package--since it offers a practical, tangible manifestation of what the book so eloquently says."
~Steven Rosen / Satyaraja Dasa (author of The Yoga of Kirtan)

"Very frequently people will come up to me and ask for a book to read more about kirtan, mantra, and chanting, and up until this point I did not have anywhere to guide them. Finally, Kailash has offered such an insightful and sincere book with great wisdom and humility. I truly love this book, Following Sound into Silence, and feel as though it will be of great service to a whole new generation of yogi's moving into the path of sacred song."
~ Govindas Rosen (noted kirtan singer, and founder of Bhakti Yoga Shala)

"Kailash combines his intellectual, artistic and musical expertise to create an outstanding guide to devotional chant in Following Sound into Silence: Chanting Your Way Beyond Ego into Bliss. First exposed to the powerful effects of chanting while conducting graduate research at a Christian monastery, Kailash further explored sacred singing while a college professor, by studying and taking part in kirtans, a practice originating in India. He is now dedicated to sharing his knowledge and experience through participatory concerts and workshops and through this inspiring book. Conveying the simplicity as well as the subtlety and vastness of the practice of singing the names of God, the book is suitable for beginners and also appropriate for those with more experience.
Following Sound into Silence is clearly written, artfully designed, and includes Kailash’s color illustrations. The book begins by detailing the many benefits of chanting. Readers may protest, “But I can’t sing,” “I don’t have time,” “I was raised a Christian. Isn’t vain repetition a sin?”—Kailash skillfully addresses these and many other common concerns of newcomers. Using personal anecdotes and drawing from Hindu and Buddhist mythology, Kailash explains the purpose and theory of chanting. He explores concepts that could lead to a lifetime of philosophical, theological, and self inquiry in lucid, accessible language. The book describes how to develop a personal practice with advice for selecting chants, fine tuning awareness and creating a sacred space at home.
While examples covered in the book are from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions, Kailash argues for a broad-minded, inclusive conception of the Divine so that practitioners may adapt chanting to fit their personal beliefs and inclinations. To assist readers in launching a practice, the book includes a CD of examples performed by Kailash. Standout tracks include “Saman Mantra,” featuring Kailash’s fluid voice over stripped-down instrumentation, and the well-crafted “Jai Shree Devi” with contrasting melodies, a syncopated dance groove, organ solos and subtle wah-wah effects. Following Sound into Silence is distinctive among recent books on kirtan as it serves as a clear how-to manual well suited for Westerners."
~Jubilee Cooke, Ph.D. (Ethnomusicologist)

"Following Sound Into Silence is a powerful blend of ancient spiritual philosophy and scientific principles merged into the perfection of a real formula for joy and a sense of well-being. In six concise chapters, Kailash shares his personal journey from western spirituality to the ancient practice of transcending life's chaos through the power of the human voice. In doing so, his time-tested formula becomes so clear that we can't wait to apply his discoveries in our own lives. In addition to the candid stories of life, Kailash has included a beautifully-mastered CD of his extraordinary chants to guide and accompany us in our spiritual practice. Your reward for opening the first page of this book is how quickly it becomes apparent that a small shift in the way we think of sacred chanting opens the door to a deeply profound connection with ourselves and the Divine. The bottom line: Kailash gives our mind a reason to accept what our heart already knows: that we are born with the key to tap the life-current of the universe. The joy in doing so transcends even the greatest challenges of everyday life, freeing us to liberate our inner gifts that long to be shared with others. I love this book!"
~Gregg Braden (New York Times best selling author of The God Code and The Divine Matrix)

"Neem Karoli Baba's teaching--'Love everyone, feed everyone, then you will know God'--has pierced our hearts and logic. In his sincere work, Kailash shows us that nurturing heart is the source of everything. His beautiful book & CD, Following Sound into Silence, helps bring to the West this crucial understanding and practice of God-love so that we may embody it in our everyday lives. Let your heart-love flow in all directions."
~Mark Whitwell (author ofYoga of Heart: The Healing Power of Intimate Connection)

"A timely release, this book and CD are a winning combination! In Following Sound into Silence, Kailash sheds light on the profound transformational powers of sound and vibration, and he shares with his readers the practical tools for unleashing this power. Beautifully illustrated (including Kailash’s stunning portrait of the legendary saint, Neem Karoli Baba), the chapters in this book gently carry the reader toward a greater understanding of the ancient practice of sacred sound. The instrumentations on the CD are gorgeous, and greatly enhance the sacred mantras and vocals of Kailash, which are reminiscent at times of the style of his Guru, chant master Bhagavan Das."
~Ragani (noted kirtan leader)

"Following Sound into Silence is a penetrating insight into the depths of joy, peace and transformation that chanting practice brings to people's lives."
~Dave Stringer (noted kirtan leader)


"Kailash's offering, Following Sound into Silence, is an intimate
entryway into the primordial sound yoga of kirtan and mantra that is
healing for all."
~Shiva Rea (renowned yogini, author, and teacher of Prana Flow Yoga and Yoga Trance Dance)

"Congratulations, Kailash! Following Sound into Silence is superb! It opens up the gateway of the heart and it removes the limitations of the mind, allowing sincere practitioners to move deeper into their practice of kirtan. Your captivating and enchanting melodies, along with your intensity of pure devotion, will lift any eager spirit out of her illusionary ego entrapment. Thank you for sharing this most inspirational work with me and with the world. I will share it with all those who I feel can benefit from it."
~Sri Michael Shlofmitz (yogi and recording artist in the mantra music duo, Lokah)

"Following Sound into Silence will not only you assist you in connecting with the Divine - but will provide pure nourishment for the soul!"
~John Holland (acclaimed psychic medium)

"If you are interested in the subject of mantra or chanting, I highly recommend Following Sound into Silence. It's full of fascinating information and powerful exercises. The CD that's included with the book is also very good."
~Jonathan Goldman (sound healing authority)

"In Following Sound into Silence, Kailash unfolds the heart of his journey through the world of devotion and chant. He lets us know how easy it is to let our voices guide us into the Sacred with sound."
~Don Campbell (author of The Mozart Effect and Sound Spirit)

"Following Sound Into Silence is a superb gift to the art of Kirtan. Kailash has put together a wonderful example of Art, Wisdom, and Knowledge in a concise package that is delightful for both the beginner and seasoned Kirtan practitioner. The inclusion of the CD is an excellent complement to the written and illustrated book, bringing the whole experience alive!"
~Mitch Nur, Ph.D. (sacred sound & world instrument specialist)

"More and more people want to move beyond ideas of spirituality and healing into direct experiences, and Kailash’s work offers a simple, clear, and important guide. The path of sound, music and mantra transcend culture and Kailash offers a powerful place to begin in a way that is accessible, yet sophisticated. This is an important contribution to helping people understand the gift of kirtan!"
~Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D. (author of Return to the Sacred; Spiritual Program Director for Canyon Ranch Health Resorts)

"For a Western audience, Kailash's Following Sound into Silence is the most practical guide I have found for starting a chanting practice. Kailash dissolves the obscurity that makes devotional chanting daunting and...well, weird...for new folks, yet he supplies us with enough philosophical depth to keep the mystery of it all intact and ready to explore. The book is gorgeous and easy to read. The companion CD is a wonderful listen on its own but pairs beautifully with the book. The one problem with Following Sound into Silence is that I can't seem to finish it because every time I open it, I am immediately inspired to go to my altar and chant."
~Blake Tedder (host of the Full Lotus Kirtan radio show)

"In Following Sound into Silence, Kailash presents a wonderful introduction to the practice of chanting--informative, easy to understand, and filled with many treasures and pearls of wisdom. Kailash shares tools that can guide you in the direction of your own bliss and enhance your capacity to experience love in all of its divine forms. No matter one's religious or spiritual preference, this book guides lovingly and openly, and allows one to easily adapt their personal preferences in the practice of chanting. Ultimately this book is about love, as it emerges through us as a healing and unifying principle in our lives through devotion. In the accompanying CD, Kailash presents traditional chants, with a fresh approach. His music seamlessly blends both traditional and modern aspects of devotional chant, featuring different styles of music, ranging from classic to modern arrangements. The result is a unique, soul stirring sound which is uplifting, and also an invaluable guide and companion to chanting. Kailash has done a most excellent job at creating a clear, eloquent and inspiring body of work!"
~Eluv / Elise Zotos (host of the Ultrasounds radio program)

"Kailash's wonderful book, Following Sound into Silence, shows how to set up a chanting practice, what chanting is in its many manifestations, and succinctly and clearly takes us on a journey out of our ego and into bliss consciousness. It is a visually beautiful package as well, from the artwork and printing to the way it is bound. Just what you would expect from a book about the Divine. Through the CD included in the book, Kailash also demonstrates how chanting these mantras can sound, so we learn many mantras and their meanings. A simple read, yet as thorough a book as I've read on the art of chanting."
~Gary Goldberg (host of the In the Spirit radio program)

"What a wonderful resource for not only the titled subject--devotional chanting--but so many other things as well! Kailash has written a book rich with wisdom, education, images, and even a CD to provide an actual experience for the reader. He writes in a grounded, accessible way on the nature of music and the instrument of the human body as a means to realize embodied spirituality in a way that integrates Eastern and Western spiritual traditions. Kailash has clearly written Following Sound into Silence from his love of the subject, as well as his desire to share the effects and inspiration of chanting and mantra. He takes the often esoteric subject of mystical spirituality and presents it in a way that makes living one's spirituality possible in everyday life. I consider Kailash's book a must-have resource on the often overlooked need of engaging our physical body in our embrace of our spirit and soul. Bravo! Kailash for a book with heart and wonderful for the care and embrace of one's soul!
~JaiKaur LeBlanc (host of internet radio show, Women’s Grace, Grit, and Gratitude)

"For someone new to devotional chanting, Kailash's Following Sound into Silence has been invaluable to me on my spiritual path. The music will sweep you away and help you get a much needed handle on stress. I have given this to friends and they have loved it! I highly recommend the book and CD for chanting 'newbies' and people who already have an established practice. I really liked it!"
~Diane Ray (host of the "I Can Do It Hour" and Hay House Radio producer)

"I seldom come across a book that satisfies more than just the mind,
but Following Sound into Silence is completely absorbing to the
senses as well. This book is not only chock full of valuable
information on chanting sadhana, but a delight to look at as well.
The illustrations, rendered by Kailash himself, are proof that the
awakened kundalini manifests in extraordinary creative abilities. The
accompanying CD will take the listener to an ecstatic reunion with
the Divine. The marriage of East/West instrumentation with Sanskrit
mantras and memorable melodic hooks will truly nourish your heart and soul. This is a wonderful endeavor from the world of kirtan to all!
Thank you, Kailash."
~Chandi Devi (co-host, The KarmaCaffe radio program)

"Following Sound into Silence brings to each of us the true stillness that exists within. Kailash takes us on a journey back to ourselves and reminds us that the true vibration that connects us all is that of Oneness."
~ Kimmie Rose Zapf (co-host, InnerViews radio program)

"Following Sound Into Silence is a superbly written and beautifully illustrated guide to spiritual and emotional nourishment through chanting. The accompanying CD is one that you will want to use over and over again. Kailash shares his vast knowledge, talent, and experience to benefit us all."
~Gina Renee (host of Your Health radio and television programs)

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Following Sound Into Silence: Chanting Your Way Beyond Ego into Bliss (Audio CD):

Kailash (Kurt A. Bruder, Ph.D., M.Ed.) believes that devotional chanting is a reliable tool that we can use to reduce our internal chatter, simplifying our mindstream from the usual (but overwhelming) chaos of thoughts, memories, feelings, and "to-do"s that plague our awareness and rob us of peace. More than this, because the content of our chanting is the very Sound Form of the Supreme, we provide our consciousness with something truly worthwhile to think, feel, and (ultimately) be.

This CD features Kailash chanting 15 powerful mantras. Each is arranged and produced to retain the purity and intensity of feeling of traditional mantras, to provide support for listeners who want to chant along, and to make them as attractive as possible to a contemporary Western audience. You've never heard anything quite like this CD before. Its beauty is matched only by the transforming quality of devotion that it promotes in the listener.

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Following Sound into Silence: Chanting Your Way Beyond Ego into Bliss - Dr. Kurt

Kailash: Live

Kailash's second CD features many of the chants heard during his kirtan events that are not included in his first CD, Sincerity. It even includes Kailash's rendition of Message in a Bottle (a favorite with many audience members!).

Drawing upon two principal streams in Kailash's spiritual lineage, tantric Hinduism and Buddhism, these mantras provide lush soundscapes in which our hearts and minds may freely travel.

As Kailash says, "A mantra is a path to the Perfection that it represents. Each repetition is a step toward stable residence in that very Perfection."

The offerings on this CD are valuable resources for your journey to a version of yourself that is more consistent with your Chosen Ideal, and more capable of expressing the Radiant Care and Awareness that is our Essential Nature.

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These chants, which find their inspiration in the Hindu, Buddhist and Christian wisdom traditions, are vehicles for the expression of devotion to Source. Using the very breath of life to direct and expand attention and affection toward the Infinite is a profound spiritual technology for escaping the petty ego-prison that we've unwittingly built for ourselves.
Kailash's guru, Bhagavan Das, says: "This is the drama that we're creating through our desires. You get what you want." Love is an impulse that demands our closeness to the Beloved. We have the opportunity to follow our attachment into Transcendence. We tend to take on the characteristics of those with whom we keep company, especially those we love. Since we inevitably become what we love, we would do well to aim high with love.

Chanting the Divine Names, singing love songs to our Highest Ideals, helps us to align our hearts and minds with the Beloved. It is a simple way to elevate the quality of our interior experience by replacing the overwhelming traffic of thoughts and feelings with a single, beautiful and inspiring Focus. In chant, we may discover a way to forget ourselves happy!

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Seva CD: Vol. 3
Sounds of Bhakti

This gorgeous collection of mantra-music features tracks from Swami Kripalu, Guru Ganesha Singh, Krishna Das, Dave Stringer, Girish, Shantala, Christine Ghezzo--and Kailash too!

Kailash celebrates the privilege of being included in such an auspicious company of bhaktas. This is an exceptionally beautiful ensemble of heart-warming mind-protectors. "The recording artists featured in this hand-picked selection are well-known and beloved performers at Kripalu Center."

Proceeds from the sale of this luscious compilation of devotional chanting benefit Kripalu's Teaching for Diversity Program. Please add it to your spiritual toolkit today.

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