OmKailash provides self-help methods and supportive media for the optimization of mental and emotional habits, together with the personal and relational outcomes they support. These offering are an outgrowth of Dr. Kurt ‘Kailash’ Bruder’s efforts to integrate insights, understandings, and skills learned in the study of communication, psychology, and comparative spirituality.


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Mantra of the Month

VAJRASATTVA (September) Decontaminating Yourself

"AUM. Indestructible Being, purify my body, speech, and mind."


Identify the Supreme, then Identify with the Supreme as Love

It's important that you get very clear about what Image of the Supreme is most inspiring to you (although you can "borrow" someone else's Image in order to get started). This is the Focus of your devotional activity. The more intensely you Love This, the deeper you'll go in your heart-journey.

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