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Mantra Archive

Energizing Yourself with the Life-Force

AUM. Homage to Tara, swift heroine, whose mantra Tutare dispels all fear, and Ture, which fulfills all needs.


Cultivating Choice through Chanting
No two repetitions of any mantra are exactly the same...even if you try your best to make them so. Each moment is unique, to be replaced by the next, without end. The purpose of this practice is to develop the crucial life-skill of mindfully choosing the experiential content of THIS moment. String a bunch of such choices together, and you have abiding Freedom, Bliss, and Love.

Steer your Consciousness to Bliss with Mantra
The voice is the steering wheel of the mind & heart. What we say/sing determines the quality of our thoughts & feelings. Therefore we do well to speak/sing the Sound Form of the Supreme--and so fill our worlds with God.

Chant yourself Free
When we sing mantras, we Presence the Divine in Sound Form. Immersed in the Sound-Body of God, our overwrought minds relax, our anxieties melt away, and we recover the Spacious Freedom that is our Essential Nature.

The Supreme is Impossible to Avoid

We're already completely surrounded (and filled) by God; the trick is to prepare ourselves to recognize it!

All Images of the Divine are Other Perspectives on Yours
Here's a question worth answering: What Image of the Supreme do you find most attractive? Then spend some time every day with that Divine Figure, visualizing Her/Him, repeating Her/His Name, singing Her/His praises, and so forth. Once this work is accomplished, there is a sense in which any/every Deity that one encounters (in imagery, ritual, song, or whatever) is another perspective upon the One you Love Best.

We Are What We Love
That which dominates your consciousness becomes a significant organizing principle of your life. Simply put: You are what you love. When we make a point of celebrating those objects of consciousness that inspire life's lovelier moments, we the enrich the remainder of our lives with their holy perfume.

Service is the Recognition of the Divine in Something
Everything is Spirit, but some forms are more transparent to Spirit than others. The human being is such a form. Therefore serve God by caring for the people in your path. I understand that saints and sages, looking upon apparent others, see all as Divine--and as nothing other than themselves. So serving others, serving God, and serving one's own interests are actually the selfsame activity.

How's your Vision?

Our spiritual development is inexorably tied to the adequacy of our glimpse of the Supreme. The Light that we see--and that we see by--are One and the same.

Life's imperative: Arrange to be in Love
This means pining for the Supreme when things are tough (and therefore difficult to be with), and celebrating your Union when the Divine feels present. She's showing up as the stuff that you're resisting (and so don't tend to recognize as Her), as well as what you embrace.

Try embracing what you'd ordinarily resist: it's all Her, anyway. So let it be Her; love and allow it, even when you don't prefer it. The Mother is disguised as whatever you are experiencing right now, whether pleasant, painful, or indifferent. Bring the Loving Awareness that you are to Her, however She's appearing. Become what you Love. Be love becoming Love.

Identify the Supreme, then Identify with the Supreme as Love
It's important that you get very clear about what Image of the Supreme is most inspiring to you (although you can "borrow" someone else's Image in order to get started). This is the Focus of your devotional activity. The more intensely you Love This, the deeper you'll go in your heart-journey.

Arrange to have an experience worth having

Let's join our voices in the Ecstasy of Divine Remembrance!
Together we'll create the Sound-Forms of the Divine,
dissolving our self-consciousness and fears while affording ourselves
a direct experience of Real God/dess!



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